Pablo Prigioni is Stealing the Show

By Thomas Duffy
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Pablo Prigioni is a 35 year old rookie, signing with the New York Knicks and coming to the NBA after an illustrious career playing in Argentina.

Prigioni rounds out a trio of quality PG’s for the Knicks, along with Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd. Each of those three have a unique role, with Felton as a high octane pick and roll player, and Kidd as the wily veteran who picks his spots to score, but is a constant producer. Prigioni is more of a wild card.

With Kidd injured, Prigioni has gotten more minutes, and is making the most of them in Kidd’s absence. He is the prototypical European player, making seemingly ridiculous shot attempts as well as giving up potential open opportunities to get teammates even more open looks.

However, the best thing that Prigioni brings to New York is his unique ability to steal the ball better than anyone else I have ever seen. Because of this, I have given him the nickname, “The Thief.”

His specialty steal is right after a made basket by the Knicks, with the other team inbounding the ball. That situation is an opportunity that usually goes wasted by every other defensive guard in the NBA, but not by the 35 year-old rookie from Argentina. He reaches after the ball with the opponent usually not even turned around, and has given the Knicks countless extra possessions and easy baskets as a result.

Prigioni is grabbing one steal per game, which is not an outrageous stat. However, taking his 14.9 MPG into account, a steal per contest is a nice number.

Not only is he stealing the ball from opposing PG’s, but Prigioni is also stealing the hearts of Knicks fans everywhere.

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