Taking A Look At Randy Whittman's Drawing Board: Jordan Crawford

By Thomas Jones
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Washington Wizards are fortunate to have a few days off before their next game against the World Champion Miami Heat on Tuesday. Randy Whittman is probably wishing he had a month, or however long it’s going to take for John Wall to get healthy, off before they face any team. Unfortunately for him and fans, they don’t.

What I have decided to do is aid Randy Whittman in righting the ship in Washington. I doubt he will see this article but it will do my conscious some good knowing I have at least handed out my 2 cents.

The first thing Whittman needs to do is nurture the talents of Jordan Crawford. Crawford is an enigmatic player at this point in his career. Now three years removed from scoring buckets at will while playing collegiately for Xavier, Crawford has yet to understand the meaning of shot selection with the Wizards.

Part of the issue could be his constantly changing role within the team. Crawford went from seldom used rookie (after being shipped to Washington from the Atlanta Hawks as part of the Kirk Hinrich trade) to starter, to sixth man, to starter playing minutes at point guard and shooting guard by the end of his first season in the NBA.

Crawford started his second season as a starter thanks to Nick Young being a free agent during the lockout and signing right before the season got underway. A few weeks in, Crawford was back coming off the bench. Of course, just like his rookie season, Crawford was back in the starting lineup providing minutes at point and shooting guard by the end of his second season.

Entering into this, his third season, Crawford is already dealing with his third head coach, second team, and Bradley Beal.

Crawford has a good skill set for a guard and a knack for hitting shots but Whittman needs to give Crawford a defined role and stick to it. I believe he can be the Wizard’s version of Jason “JET” Terry, if brought along correctly. The one thing Whittman has to do is preach shot selection with Crawford and not be afraid to pull him when he see Crawford getting out of control. I watched Crawford make a few ill advised passes and take plenty shots without running the offense versus the New York Knicks that did nothing but further demoralize an already beaten Wizard team.

With the right guidance, Crawford should be an important piece for the Wizards now and in the future.

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