The Miami Heat Can Become A Legendary Team

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Steve Mitchell

The Miami Heat have an opportunity to become a legendary team.

In 10 years NBA scholars may mention the ‘Resilient’ Heat with the likes of the  ‘Bad Boy’ Detroit Pistons or the ‘Showtime’ Los Angeles Lakers.

With the addition of Ray Allen the Heat have become a team close to unbeatable. They have been outplayed by a number of opponents yet have been able to make game changing and game winning plays down the stretch on every occasion. The Heat have lost just three of their first 15 games and two of those losses were blowout losses on the road to two teams that caught fire from the three point line. In the team’s first two seasons together the Heat were usually the team to do the blowing out and they consistently lost closer games.

That is not the case this season and may not ever be again.

The Heat have yet to play a complete good game all season, but have 12 wins in just over a month into the season.

Despite being ranked just 20th in  points per game allowed and 29th in rebounding the Heat have been able to will themselves to victory even when taking every teams best shot.

The storyline has been the same for almost all of the Heat’s close victories this season. They play more intense defense for the final five minutes of the fourth quarter, one of the ‘Big 3’ scores, Allen  makes a three pointer, and then with less than 30 seconds left in the game LeBron James attacks the rim and kicks it out to a wide open Allen.  It’s almost expected for the game to end this way and even  Thursday night against a starless San Antonio Spurs James drove to the rim, lost control of the ball, regained control and found Allen wide open on the wing.

Every team that played the Pistons and reminisces about what separated that team from any team in any era of basketball recalls how consistently the Pistons played hard and dangerous defense. They were a group of tough guys who literally would inflict pain on opponents whenever they felt it was necessary. It was a fact that the Lakers had a deadly fast break attack and could run opponents out of the gym every game. The Heat might be a carving their own long-lasting image by being able to win games in any situation by maintaining composure and trusting each other.

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