Will Darren Collison Mess Up The Dallas Mavericks' Chemistry?

By Derek Ayala

Despite the win by the Dallas Mavericks last night there was a few things that I caught that may hurt them later during the season. Last night the Mavs beat the Detroit Pistons 92-77.

Last night was the debut of Derek Fisher in a Maverick uniform and he replaced Darren Collison for the starters job. Fisher played 24 minutes, but only had two points, three assists and two rebounds. Collison played 27 minutes from the bench and had five points, eight assists and two rebounds to go along with one steal.

Close to the end of the game Collison took an unnecessary shot from behind the arc. He missed which caused a defensive rebound and Detroit scored on the other end. Coach Rick Carlisle called a “20 second” timeout and shouted at Collison, “what are you doing?”

Carlisle left him on the bench for the remainder of the game. By watching the facial expression by Collison shows me that he is not happy with his role with the Mavericks.

Although, he is a professional and will come off the bench. He is just not happy that he has been benched for the past two games he played.

Collison told NBA.com writer Jeff Caplan that he believes he has not received a fair shot as the starting point guard for Dallas.

My question now is, will Collison end up hurting the Mavs’ chemistry? I mean he is unhappy with his role and he is unhappy that he has been given an unfair shot with the team.

Mavs fans saw last year the unhappiness of Lamar Odom caused. He was the main killer in the Mavs locker room with his constant complaining that he was sad that he was traded from Hollywood. For Mavs fans I hope that Collison does not turn out to be like that this year.

He is only in his fourth year in the NBA and still has a lot to learn. I am hoping that Collison will soon realize that the reason for bringing in Fisher is because he is hear to teach him. Who better to learn from than Fisher? Collison needs to realize that he is not ready to be a starting point guard in this league.

The Mavs cannot afford to lose any more games and having Fisher in the line-up and Collison on the bench will only help the Mavs until Dirk Nowitzki returns. Also, this should help Collison prove to the team that he is starter material. He needs to come off the bench and have an excellent production.

If he shows them that then he will be in the starter role and Fisher will come off the bench. Carlisle knows what he is doing and he has faith in the young guard, but Collison is the one that needs to step it up.

The Mavs are on a three game road trip starting Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers. This will be a good chance for Collison to prove himself and to the team. If he does not then he will stay on the bench until Carlisle sees a fit for him in the starting line-up.

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