Chicago Bulls Shooting Guard Rip Hamilton Is Out

By meganhuston
Mike DiNovo-US Presswire

As if the Chicago Bulls weren’t shorthanded enough without Derrick Rose or any other superstar to carry the load in his absence; Chicago will go into Tuesday night’s game against the Indiana Pacers without their second leading scorer in Rip Hamilton .

Hamilton who has a torn plantar fascia in his left foot could be out one week, two weeks or even more. In the meantime the Bulls will start either Marco Belinelli or Jimmy Butler in place of Hamilton.

“Marco has started a lot of games before,” said head coach Tom Thibodeau. “Jimmy has played terrific all season long and we have some flexibility, too. Kirk can go to the 2, we’ll be fine.”

There have also been rumors that the Bulls are looking into picking up Mo Evans depending on the timetable of Rip’s injury. Hamilton missed 38 games of a 66 game season last year due to injuries. Which makes one wonder why Chicago didn’t sure up that shooting guard position in the off season.

But if we’re going to talk about all the things the Bulls should have done in the off season we’ll be here all night. The fact of the matter is Rip is out indefinitely; and the Bulls are going to miss his 13.9 points a night. Meanwhile, Evans would be a good pick up for the Bulls. He would give Chicago another scoring option in Rip’s absence, veteran leadership, as well as defensive intensity which the Bulls desperately need.

So Chicago needs to take a page out of Spike Lee’s book and do the right thing. Sign Mo Evans.

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