Kobe Bryant: A Los Angeles Lakers' Story

By Kase Brammer
Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
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When you think of the first 17 games the Los Angeles Lakers have played this season, the first word to come to your mind should be disappointment. If the Lakers were the Los Angeles Clippers, you’d probably just call it par for the course. The Lakers are 8-9 in a season where they were expected to win 70 games. Kobe Bryant is a warrior. If you have to blame someone for the Lakers’ effort this season, Kobe is more than likely to be honored to take the blame.

He is the leader and heart and soul of this team. When he scores 40 and the Lakers lose by two, it’s his fault he didn’t score 43. He is never afraid to tell the media how he feels. He told them after Sunday’s loss that Pau Gasol needs to put his “big boy pants on.” Only Kobe can say things like that because he has earned it.

Bryant is arguably the greatest Lakers’ player to ever lace em’ up. His “fistful of rings” are what it’s all about. He creates results. Bryant has averaged 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in his brilliant career. Bryant says he is not going to play beyond his contract, but when a champion is hungry, he will come back if he sees the right opportunity.

The Lakers went out and got Dwight Howard and Steve Nash via trade during the off-season and fans expected them win it all. The Lakers’ story is one of disappointment this season. Nash got injured and has been nothing but a disappointment.  Howard needs to do more with the talent that he has, but I would say he was definitely worth the trade. If you are a fan, you need to know that without Kobe, the Lakers do not win a championship. His time is running out.

What question does it come down to if you are a Lakers fan? How much Kobe is too much Kobe? The answer to that question is simple. A team can never have enough.

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