Kobe Bryant Calls Out Pau Gasol, But How About Calling Out Dwight Howard

By meganhuston
Gary A. Vasquez-US Presswire

When the Los Angeles Lakers struggle you can always count on a raw, uncensored Kobe Bryant rant to follow. And just like clockwork Bryant didn’t disappoint. After Sunday night’s loss to the Orlando Magic he delivered a post game interview like only he can.

“I’ll kick everybody’s ass in the locker room if it doesn’t happen.” Bryant said. And by “it” he’s referring to the Lakers improving. He went on to say that he thought everyone has that mindset from Metta World Peace to Dwight Howard. (I’ll address Dwight’s involvement in this scenario in a minute).

Bryant also expressed his disgust in Pau Gasol. “Put your big-boy pants on,” Bryant barked. “C’mon…just adjust. You can’t whine or complain about it.”

While Bryant is clearly frustrated at his team’s slow start he can’t just blame Gasol. Granted Pau has played timid and soft at times, but Howard is to blame as well.

Gasol is the easy target. Bryant knows he (Gasol) won’t say anything publicly. Meanwhile, Bryant attempts to keep the peace with Howard because we all know if he comments on Dwight’s struggles from the line it will remind fans of the many “in media wars” he and another former Laker big man had. Insert Shaquille O’Neal reference here.

The bottom line is this:

The Lakers have plenty of issues. They’re slow on the perimeter, and struggle keeping teams out of transition. But as of late that’s all been overshadowed by the fact that Howard can’t make free throws. So while Bryant is throwing insults he needs to make sure he throws his fair share at Howard, because his deficiencies from the line can no longer be ignored.

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