Pat Riley Calls LeBron James Best of All Time

By meganhuston
Derick E. Hingle-US Presswire

LeBron James is a lot of things. He’s a league MVP. He’s a Finals MVP, and he’s finally an NBA champion; but is he the best of all time?

Well, Miami Heat President Pat Riley surely thinks so. In Sports Illustrated’s latest issue where James was named Sportsman of the Year it was revealed that Riley refers to LeBron as “B.O.A.T” which is short for Best Of All Time.

Wait. What?

Now had Riley said that he believed LeBron to be the best in the league right now I wouldn’t have a problem with his statement, but that’s not what he said. Riley said the best of all time. All time means better than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant.

Also revealed in the SI article was that when Riley refers to LeBron as “B.O.A.T” James simply laughs and shakes his head, dismissing the reference. Of course he laughs and shakes his head because LeBron knows as well as I do, that it’s ridiculous.

To say that a man who has one championship over the likes of players such as Jordan who has six, or Bryant who has five is the best of all time is premature. Could Lebron be the best of all time when its all said and done? Maybe. But to say he’s the best of all time when it’s not even clear that he’s the best player in the league at this very moment is blasphemous.

Let’s not forget there’s a three time scoring champion by the name of Kevin Durant who is pretty darn good. Oh, and did I mention Kobe Bryant is still playing in the league? Perhaps Riley is still drunk off that championship champagne; I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is this:

LeBron James is not B.O.A.T. at least not right now.

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