Detroit Pistons' Brandon Knight Confident His Team Can Defeat Contenders

By John Raffel
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The knock on the Detroit Pistons is that they can only win at home and can only beat teams that aren’t that good.

Brandon Knight and his temmates don’t like hearing such talk. However, it’s basically true. This is a team that doesn’t know how to win on the road and can’t beat an NBA team with a winning record, unless it’s at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

But Knight admits his team obviously has more success at home. The key?

“Letting teams know it’s going to be tough to get a win at The Palace,” he said. “That’s a type of mentality we want to have, but we also want to take that mentality with us on the road as far as playing defense and just making it tough on whoever we’re playing.”

His coach, Lawrence Frank, doesn’t like hearing such talk either.

“I’ve never believed in the ‘teams you should beat’, because then what happens with the teams you’re not supposed to beat?” Frank said. “On any given night, anyone can beat anyone, that’s why no one is going perfect at home this year. But for our confidence standpoint, I think just the way we win. There’s obviously a lot of things to clean up, but just finding a way to win and winning on our terms.”

But the Pistons, after an 0-8 start, are 6-13 now and are 6-5 following that awful eight-game stretch.

“In my mind we’re not that much different,” Knight said. “I think now we’re just executing a little bit better and I think we’re moving the ball, we always did that pretty well, but I think we’re definitely getting better defensively. I think that’s the biggest thing, defensively we’re getting better and we’re getting a lot more effort from different guys on our team.”

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