Miami Heat Plagued by Injury at Point Guard Position

By Aime Mukendi
US Presswire-Jennifer Stewart

The Miami Heat are unhealthy at the point guard position.

Norris Cole missed the game versus the Washington Wizards due to a strained groin and Mario Chalmers injured his left ring finger in the game against the Wizards forcing him to miss up to five games.

Although LeBron James is the primary ball-handler on the Heat, both of their point guards play important roles on the team. Cole is a quick offense reserve whose speed helps him pressure and chase down opponents point guards on a nightly basis, while Chalmers spaces the floor as well as being one of the team’s best on-ball defenders.  Many may consider the point guard position one of the biggest weakness’s the Heat have, but both players fit perfectly into their offensive system because they both can play off of the ball.

The NBA is full of point guards who can score 20-plus points as well as can dish out 10 assists and the both young players preserve James and Dwyane Wade on the defensive end by being able to pressure and wear down opposing players.

James and Wade both can play the position, but they would be losing two shooters as well as youth and speed. But the beauty of this team is that they are loaded on the wing. Mike Miller, Ray Allen, and James Jones may receive some more minutes over the next week or so, which will give James more shooters to find. However, those three veterans are not nearly as good as defenders as Cole or Chalmers.

The Heat have no other point guards on their roster other than Terrel Harris, who may also see more minutes during the Heat’s stretch of being thin at the point guard.  Harris has played in just four games for the Heat playing less than six minutes per game during those games.

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