Paul George Steps Up for Indiana Pacers

By J.M. Nicholas
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

In the absence of starting small forward Danny Granger, the team captain and leading scorer for the Indiana Pacers, the team has been looking for one of the other starting players to step up and take over the reigns on a regular basis. As some of the Pacers have shined in big ways at times, much of that empty spotlight has been focused on third-year player Paul George.

The talent and upside for George, who plays at several positions on the floor, is through the roof. It may seem now, that George is finally starting to step up as the leader of this young team.

George led the Pacers to a victory on Tuesday against the Chicago Bulls, scoring nearly half of the team’s points, in a 80-76 victory. In hostile territory at Chicago, George put up 34 points on 25 shots. He also padded his stat line, by putting up nine rebounds, three steals, and two blocks against the Bulls.

In a home game two weeks ago, Paul George put up a career-high 37 points in a win against the New Orleans Hornets. In that game, George also broke a franchise-record set by Hall-of-Fame guard Reggie Miller, by hitting nine three-point shots. The record-breaking night by George helped lead the Pacers to their highest-scoring game of the season, winning by a score of 115-107.

Although the Pacers have struggled early this season, there have been bright spots on both sides of the ball. Different players have stepped up on different nights, but if Paul George can continue to play big, then there might just be an All-Star  game in his future.


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