Cleveland Cavaliers' Daniel Gibson Disappointed With Team's Effort

By John Raffel
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It would be interesting to note that Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson actually thinks his team is deep despite starting out 4-15.

But Gibson does appreciate the fact that in recent games, other players including CJ Miles have been stepping up in trying to get the job done for coach Byron Scott and their teammates. He made references to that Monday after the 89-79 NBA loss to the Detroit Pistons. Wednesday the Cavaliers lost 95-85 to the Chicago Bulls and are 2-7 since the loss of Kyrie Irving to a broken finger.

“When a guy goes down it is a opportunity for another guy,” Gibson said after the Pistons game. “The thing that I love about this team is the fact we are deep. A guy like (Miles) who has not been able to play. He can really play and he got an opportunity tonight.”

But in too many portions of their game, the Cavaliers just aren’t getting the job done.

“I do not know why we do that to ourselves,” Gibson said Monday. “Coach came in the locker room and gave us a few words. He told us we have to step up and play and that is the way you have to play for the entire 48. You cannot do that in spurts and expect to win at this level because it is not going to happen.”

Scott says the Cavaliers just have to simply worry about the basics.

“Dribble penetration is always important,” he said. “When you are playing against good teams that really pack the lane and pack the paint, you can get somebody that is a creator in there it is going to draw somebody so he is always kicking it to somebody who is open.”

 Anderson Varejao recorded his 10th straight double-double with 11 points and 15 rebounds. Varejao has been doing his part but obviously needs more support.

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