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How Kobe Bryant compares to the game’s greatest players

Kobe Bryant,

Derick Hingle-US Presswire

After passing the 30,000 points barrier during Wednesday night’s victory against the New Orleans Hornets, Kobe Bryant officially became one of the game’s elite.

Kobe joins a list which holds only four other names, the all-time point scorer Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Karl Malone and Michael Jordan.

Jordan is considered by many to be the best ever, Los Angeles Lakers fans argue that Kobe is. With time still left in Kobe’s career he is only 2,000 points shy of Jordan’s final total, if he surpasses it will it make him the greatest.

Kobe currently is stuck on five NBA rings, one shy of Jordan’s which at the moment indicates that Kobe is still trailing to Jordan.

Bryant has always been in MJ’s shadow, always being compared to the legend, but Kobe has always tried to maintain his own name.

All four players in the list ahead of Kobe are all Hall of Famers and all are recognized to be the best in their position.

Kobe has become the youngest to reach the milestone but it has taken him the most amount of games to do so. When discussing who is the best, naturally everyone has their own opinions, some based on biasness but there are always things to consider  Abdul-Jabbar might be the current points scorer, a record that not even Kobe might break, he would need to play on for at least another three seasons plus, played during a time when there was less competition, Chamberlain the same.

The way Kobe continues to knock down points, currently the league’s top point scorer this season, he should comfortably enter the top three point scorers of all time. Should Kobe win his sixth championship, it will once again re-ignite the debate on who is the greatest of all time.

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