Joakim Noah for MVP?

By meganhuston
Jennifer Stewart-US Presswire

So what if he wears his hair in a high bun, or has a funny looking jump shot; the fact of the matter is Joakim Noah has been the most consistent player for the Chicago Bulls in the most inconsistent of seasons.

Without Derrick Rose the Bulls have struggled offensively, but defensively they have attempted to keep their identity in tact thanks to Noah who leads the team in both rebounds and blocks. Night in and night out he anchors Chicago with his defensive intensity, and willingness to do the dirty work.

Noah is averaging 13.0 points, 10.1 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 2.2 blocks, all while shooting 78 percent from the free throw line. (A big man shooting over 46 percent from the line? Take note Dwight Howard). If that wasn’t enough to prove Noah’s immeasurable value to the Bulls success; he has also recorded consecutive double-doubles and has dished out 4.8 assists over his last five games. Blocking at least one shot in 13 straight games.

Needless to say Joakim has stepped up in Rose’s absence and is clearly the most valuable Bulls player this season. In Wednesday night’s win over the Cleveland Cavaliers Noah had 13 points, 15 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 blocks as Chicago defeated Cleveland 95-85.

Noah is doing his part. He’s showing up everyday ready to work and raise havoc for opposing teams. Whether it’s diving after loss balls, or screaming and chest pounding after a dunk Noah has been the driving force for the Bulls. With Luol Deng showing flashes of greatness every now and again and Carlos Boozer playing big (which seems to be never) and Rip Hamilition out indefinitely with injury Noah has been Chicago’s most common denominator.

In a world full of uncertainties; one thing is for sure you can always count on a ponytail, high energy, and effort from Joakim Noah, and the Bulls have needed every ounce of that effort this season. Noah may not be the league’s MVP, but he’s definitely making a case for being the Bulls most valueable player without Rose.

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