Trading Jared Sullinger in Celtics Future?

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Jared Sullinger
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

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The Boston Celtics currently sit at 10-8, and to be honest, the team certainly has to take it and run with it, as they have looked pretty awful for a majority of the season.  An interesting point has come to my attention: would it make sense for the team to trade Jared Sullinger to upgrade for a playoff run?  If you recall, the Celtics orchestrated a major trade with the Phoenix Suns about eight years ago that saw the team acquire Tony Delk and Rodney Rogers for a major run.  The team ended up going to the Eastern Conference Finals and nearly defeated Jason Kidd and the then New Jersey Nets.

The negative part of that trade was the team trading Joe Johnson to Phoenix.  The team had drafted Johnson only recently that year and he had shown glimpses of his great potential.  However, the team saw a window of opportunity and wanted to pounce on it.  It raises an interesting topic as to whether the team would do well in doing something similar again with Sullinger.  I really don’t know what his ceiling is.  Part of me thinks he could be similar to Carlos Boozer with the Chicago Bulls, and another part of me thinks Glen Davis with the Orlando Magic.  Now Davis isn’t a bad player by any means, he is actually have a great season for the Magic, but he is still not a cornerstone type player that a team would build around.  Sullinger has a nice future and should play in the NBA for quite some time, but I think if the opportunity is there to acquire a Marcin Gortat or an Anderson Varejao, then the team should bite the bullet and execute the deal.

It is a tough situation and one that GM Danny Ainge will have to mull over for quite some time.  If the Celtics want to improve, then executing a major trade just might be the way to go.

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