Could The Los Angeles Lakers Use Lamar Odom's Services?

By Lee Treble
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Lamar Odom. Lamar Kardashian. Khloe Odom. Once considered one of the top utility players in the NBA, the 6’11” Los Angeles Clippers forward has now had his productive professional career reduced to a reality show punchline.

Odom is shooting under 30% from the field, looks out of shape, and disengaged during his short tenure with the Clippers. He has more turnovers (17) than assists (12) this season, all while averaging just 2.2 point per game off the bench. I have a proposal that would help Odom personally and professionally.

Get him back to the Los Angeles Lakers. ASAP.

Odom, the ultimate swigman, needs to come back to the equally struggling Lakers. A 6’11” forward with superior ball-handling skills, vision, and versatility, Odom’s services are sorely missed by the Lakers. Without Steve Nash, the Lakers have no superior ball-handler to help distribute the ball, forcing Kobe Bryant to become the facilitator.  Bryant has had a 40-point and 39-point game in his last three games. Not exactly a winning recipe, considering the Lakers are 1-2 in that stretch.

The Lakers flirted around the idea of shopping Odom and Pau Gasol for superstar PG Chris Paul during the 2011-2012 season to a few teams. Odom publicly bickered at the notion, and asked Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack to trade him as a result.  Once the trade went through, Odom again reacted publicly, and having the reality show obligation didn’t help his public perception.

He’s been traded several times in his NBA career, but didn’t have celebrity wife Khloe Kardashian and her family’s reality show cameras following him around every day like he does now. Odom was traded to the Dallas Mavericks, who deactivated him after he admitted he wasn’t mentally engaged. Though the split was amicable, Odom’s reputation as a hard-working basketball player took a major public hit.

The reality TV bug never works well for athletes during their careers. Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens were stalwart diva WRs with Hall-Of-Fame statistics. Once the reality show TV bug hit both of them, their public images took a bigger hit, and now both are out of the NFL. Odom, though not a Hall-of-Famer by any regards, is a highly skilled big man who is struggling to average three points a game despite making $8 million dollars a year. With forward Grant Hill and guard Chauncey Billups coming back for the Clippers, Odom may find himself a free agent in the upcoming months.

If theLakersdecide to get rid of struggling forward Gasol, bringing Odom back may prove beneficial for both parties.

Nash, who is 38, could use some ball-handling relief and someone else to help facilitate coach Mike D’Antoni’s offense. Odom’s presence would help space the floor, and allot center Dwight Howard to wreak havoc in the post. It would relieve Kobe of ball hog  handling, and force him into becoming a off-the-ball shooter, making the Lakersmore efficient.

Being back on theLakerswould completely rejuvenate Odom, and we could see the Lakersget back into contender mode. I believe it is the perfect fit for both teams, and would go a long ways towards resorting Odom’s public image as the glue guy for theLakers last two championships.

Save this article in your favorites, and hit me back in a few months. Odom to the Lakers will and should happen.

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