Kobe Bryant rules out franchise ownership

By David Charnley
Kobe Bryant
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Michael Jordan set the precedent during his career and Kobe Bryant has done all he can to emulate the success of arguably the game’s greatest player.

This week Kobe joined MJ in the elite 30,000 points group as the two have enjoyed a scarily similar career. The Black Mamba has put together a perfect impersonation of MJ. The two guards share similar characteristics, mannerisms and even endorsement deals, but one path that Kobe said he will not follow is in NBA ownership.

“I don’t know if ownership is really the right thing for me,” Kobe said.

“I’d go crazy. If a player misses a game because he has a broken fingernail, I’d lose my mind. I wouldn’t be able to take it.”

The debate will long continue, way past the retirement of Kobewho is the greatest player of all time. Kobe or MJ? The current Los Angeles Lakers star has potentially the chance to score more points than MJ, only needs one more ring to equal the six of MJ and has earned more money.

Jordan earned $90million with hundreds of million more in endorsements, whereas Kobe has already raked in $220million from his salary.

During his time in charge of an NBA organisation, Jordan has found out that it’s more about keeping the checks in order and keeping back money.

Jordan enjoyed success as a player winning six rings, but since his ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats he has endured some terrible seasons. During his time as a front executive at the Washington Wizards he had infamous running’s with players who weren’t as committed as him, including Kwame Brown.

Kobe has pointed out that ownership might not be for him but, wants to remain around the game he so loves.

“I’ll be around the game and hopefully my brand can live on past my career.”

The brand talk might be another way which Kobe wants to go down, Jordan is without doubt the most branded sports star with his ‘Air Jordan’ trainers.

The Black Mamba is following in his sneaker steps with his association with Nike.

“Nike is filled with ultra-competitive people,” Kobe added.

“We’re all cut from the same cloth and speak the same language. Designers, tech engineers, so forth and so on, are as passionate about their respective fields as I am in mine.

“When I first signed with Nike, I told Charlie Denson and Mark Parker, I felt like Harry Potter just landed at Hogwarts. I’m right at home surrounded by all these incredible designers.”

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