Nate Robinson Still Looking For Consistency With Chicago Bulls

By Brendon Fitzsimons
David Richard- US Presswire

After being bounced around several teams including the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors Nate Robinson landed with the Chicago BullsSince the start of the season he has been a role player trusted with the task of running the offense when he comes off of the bench. Throughout the season he has done well with the task he was given but he still is faltering between good games and bad games or what he calls “good Nate, bad Nate.”

The last four games tell a pretty clear story. They attest to the consistency that Robinson is struggling to find. In the previous four games he has scored 14, seven, 19 and six points respectively while turning the ball over two, four and two times. These numbers only point to a lack of consistency.

Robinson knows this as does coach Tom Thibodeau.  When asked about the “good Nate/bad Nate” scenario Coach Thibodeau had this to say, “He has had some really good games for us [and] some games that are in the middle.”

Coach Thibodeau coached Robinson while with the Celtics so he knows how far the young guard has come in developing his game. No one can deny his offensive explosiveness and without it the bench would cease to provide a spark for the team when they need it most.

Robinson knows where he needs to improve and he knows how to do it and it is within that understanding that he will prosper with this team. With each previous team Robinson was used in different roles: New York used him as a scorer while Boston opted to use him sparingly off of the bench, and Oklahoma City rarely used him at all.

Robinson seems to have found a home here in Chicago. A niche where he is comfortable and has the ability to mature and grow as a player, Robinson has the opportunity to advance his role on the team and be the go-to guy off the bench. But it all starts with consistency. Robinson is able to admit that and that will do more than he knows for his game as well as his confidence on the court.

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