Phoenix Suns' Michael Beasley facing the chop

By David Charnley
Michael Beasley,
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Michael Beasley’s struggles for the Phoenix Suns continue and he may well face the chop to the bench as he only managed to shoot 3-12 from the field in the defeat against the Dallas Mavericks.

After going through one particular stretch Beasley went seven straight shots without making a single bucket and coach Alvin Gentry has hinted that it is ‘more than likely’ that Beasley will be removed from the starting rotation, which could be as soon as Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

“I don’t know what it is,” Beasley said.

“I come in every game optimistic about my play and my shots. It’s just not good right now, and it’s not what anybody’s doing.

“It’s all me. I’m getting extra shots. I’m getting extra shots on top of extra shots. I’ve just got to be patient. Let the game come to me. Just sort of ride it out.”

Beasley who is experiencing a frustrating time at the moment can’t put down a reason to where he is going wrong but needs to do something about it soon if he wants a place on a roster in the NBA.

After failing to live up to expectations with the Miami Heat, the Minnesota Timberwolves took a second chance on the forward, and now the Suns have taken a third chance after being benched in Minnesota. Can Beasley really afford to be an ex-player at a team three times at just the age of 23.

The Suns have so far this season been patient with the form of Beasley, with General manager Lance Blanks taking on the a mentoring position, but Gentry has hinted that the roster needs change and this time it could be with Beasley.

Beasley has currently got the league’s worst plus-minute ratio (point difference when players are in and out of a game). Entering Thursday’s game, he was at minus-136 points.

“I’m frustrated with everything,” Beasley said before Thursday’s game.

“I’m frustrated with my production, with the fact that our record is the way it is. My role is definitely going to be what I make it.

“I’m going to do my part. Starting tonight, it’s going to be a whole new Beasley.”

The Suns erratic start to the season has not been helped by Beasley, who the Suns signed on a three year deal worth $18million.

His behavior as well as performances have been strange this season for someone facing the axe, after the defeat against the New York Knicks he said, “I’m just along for the ride.”

The defeat against the Memphis Grizzlies with the game tied with 15.9 seconds remaining when Beasley emerged from the huddle with his head hung but smiling. He walked down the sideline to inbound, talking to the crowd and then to Rudy Gay to make him smile before his pass, just as he had on the previous go-ahead play. After Jermaine O’Neal’s miss to win, he walked back to the bench smiling.

Basketball is all about having fun but, for Beasley it is time to start taking his profession season or he might well find himself looking for another job once again.

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