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Richard Hamilton Getting Better Each Day For Chicago Bulls

Mike DiNovo- US Presswire

When Richard Hamilton tore his plantar fascia in his left foot, the Chicago Bulls staff said he would be out for approximately four weeks. It’s been six days and Hamilton says that he is getting better each day.

“The doctors said four weeks, but they said I could probably come back before that,” he said. “Everybody’s body is different. It’s just one of them things where you want to try and get better every day.” Through some extensive treatments and a little bit of luck, Hamilton hopes to make a return sooner rather than later.

Hamilton is icing his foot as well as receiving foot massages and ultrasound treatments in hopes of increasing the flexibility as well as the blood flow in his foot. He may have had a stroke of luck thrown his way however when he said he heard a “pop” in his foot. He said that “it was the craziest thing, I thought the tape exploded on my foot. When talking to Dr. Brian Cole, he told me it was probably a good thing that it happened.”

For a player who missed 38 games last season, there is nothing better than hearing some good news in the wake of an injury. The doctor said that plantar fasciitis tends to linger with players throughout the season and that the popping sound that Hamilton heard was a good thing. The popping sound indicates that when the healing is complete, it will be OK to play on and won’t nag him for the rest of the season.

In Hamilton’s absence, Marco Belinelli has taken over the starting position and shown great growth and comfort in his role. For an injured Hamilton, that’s all he can ask for. Hamilton–much like Derrick Rose--should not rush his return and knowing that an adequate player is filling his spot is a big reason why he has no need to worry. Until Hamilton is ready to return, knowing that Belinelli can pull his weight at the shooting guard position should reinforce the idea that he should do everything he can to return in the best condition possible.