Dallas Mavericks To Give Brandan Wright The "Green Light"

By Derek Ayala
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks are in deep south Texas tonight to face the Houston Rockets. A match-up that could determine tie breakers at the end of the season. In tonight’s Texas Showdown one guy that needs to be an “all-star” is Brandan Wright.

He has not been used much this season, but tonight that may change. In the last game against the Phoenix Suns he was given 23 minutes, the most he has had since November 10th against the Charlotte Bobcats.

No reasons why he has not been used much, but tonight Rick Carlisle will use him more. The game against Phoenix he had a season high, 16 points. To go along with four rebounds, two blocks and two steals. No question that he was part of the reason why the Mavs even won the game against the Suns.

Tonight, with the possibility of both Shawn Marion and Chris Kaman limited tonight, Wright needs to be the guy that steps it up on both ends of the court.

Marion and Kaman left in the fourth quarter Thursday night, due to injuries. Marion strained his right groin and Kaman sprained his left ankle. Both are schedule to play tonight, however, they may not be 100% productive.

That is why Wright will be the guy that turns it on tonight. He entered the league in 2007 with the Golden State Warriors. However, since then he has not been much of a factor since Dallas is his third team in six years.

Since coming to Dallas in 2011 he has always been one of the “fan favorites.” His energetic style of play electrifies the stands and the team. Even though, they are on the road tonight in Houston, Wright can still energize his team.

He can make crucial steals, dunks, layups, alley-oops, etc. That is how Wright electrifies the team and the fans. Even on the road, if he makes a “slam dunk” even the road crowd appreciates it. That is how Wright can be a factor for the Mavs this season and the next.

If he performs at an all-star level tonight then I expect Carlisle to give him more and more minutes as the season progresses. He could get a spot in the starting line-up if he produces tonight.

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