NBA Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers Crave Consistency

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers (10-10) have been a perfect example of consistent inconsistency so far this season. Their seesaw of a short season has shown bright flashes of brilliance at some times, but has also looked lackluster and lifeless at other times.

The Pacers played well on a four-game road trip last week, winning three of the four contests. Indiana returned home to play two games straight at the safe confines of Bankers Life Fieldhouse, winning one on Wednesday, and dropping the other on a Friday night. The team has taken some time to get in tune with their new pieces and young players, but has struggled to find success on a regular basis. At times, this team looks like they are ready to once again take on all comers. At other times, the team looks lackadaisical, uncontrolled, and confused.

After twenty games this season, the Indiana Pacers are dead even, which is a surprise for several reasons. Not only have the Pacers lost to lesser teams, but they have rarely showed up when it seemed to matter most. At other times, they have put up record-breaking performances, but those amazing instances seem to be too few and far between. It is a sad truth that sometimes what you don’t do is remembered much more often than what you do well.

The Indiana Pacers are still a work in progress, and will continue to be as such for much of the season. One can only hope that they figure out how to win with consistency before it’s too late.