It's Time For The Toronto Raptors To Fire Dwane Casey

By Sachin Arora
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time. Yes, it’s time for Bryan Colangelo to go, evidently, however there is no purpose of firing Colangelo at this time considering his contract expires this offseason, and we’ll talk about that later. However, Dwane Casey is another story.

The Toronto Raptors have to fire Dwane Casey if they want any chance to save their season, to be blunt.

Coming into the season, analysts and fans were optimistic and the consensus was that Casey was a pretty good coach, however it’s been clear why he’s been an assistant for the majority of his coaching career.

Looking at what Casey has done wrong so far, it’s well beyond his awful rotations.  His ‘accountability’ method of benching his starters when they aren’t performing is clearly a myth, with Andrea Bargnani constantly being outperformed by Ed Davis, and yet Bargnani stays in the game, and costs the Raptors games down the stretch. Casey’s offensive sets are weak, as most of the offense comes from DeMar DeRozan or Kyle Lowry creating. His plays out of time-outs are awful, and late game play calling is probably the worst in the league. Bottom line is, Casey is not a good offensive coach.

Defensively, Casey has always been solid. Last season we saw him transform the awful Raptors squad into a solid defensive presence, but this year that defensive mentality has gone as Casey is trying to find that offensive-defensive balance- it’s not working. What’s ironic is that the Raptors squad last year looked better than the revamped squad featuring Lowry.

The worst part about Casey is his inability to adjust. Looking at the game against the Utah Jazz, the Raptors got absolutely slaughtered 131-99, and Casey didn’t change a thing the whole game despite Utah continuing to rain wide open threes on the Raps. His rotations continue to be sporadic and 20 games in he still hasn’t figured it out. At this point, it doesn’t look like he will.

I’m surprised that I’m the only Raptors beat writer that has called out Casey, but after tonight’s embarrassed, more criticism could be on the way for the coach.

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