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The Steadiness of Chris Duhon Is Needed For this Los Angeles Lakers Team

Jerome Miron-USA Today Sports

When the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dwight Howard in the summer trade that involved three other teams, no one paid much attention to the Lakers also obtaining the services of Chris Duhon as well.

We all know that Duhon is a career backup point guard at best, and that he is usually an end of the bench guy in the rotation. One thing that most people fail to realize is that he is a veteran that knows how to play in the NBA. Like most solid veterans, Duhon is looked at as a good chemistry guy and a pro’s pro.

Once Steve Nash and Steve Blake went down with injuries the Lakers had to rely on Duhon to try and have some sort of stability out on the court. The other Lakers point guard, Darius Morris has shown flashes of talent but he’s not ready to take on the lead role.

Duhon knows how to run this offense due to his prior experience playing for Mike D’Antoni with the New York Knicks, and he is also mature as a player to not force the action.

One of the good qualities about Duhon is that he knows who he is as a player. He knows his strengths and weaknesses as a player and that is huge for a team like this. Duhon’s main responsibility for this team, while Nash is out is to just run the offense and not turn the ball over too much.

On Wednesday night against the New Orleans Hornets, Duhon registered 10 assists and zero turnovers which are huge for a team that commits a lot of turnovers on average. If Duhon can get the ball into the hands of Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant and continue to not turn the ball over he should be fine.

Every team needs a veteran guy like Duhon. He knows his role and plays how the coach wants him to play. No hero ball or erratic plays just decent basketball and that’s what Duhon brings to the table for the Lakers.