Jason Terry Screams Mediocrity

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Jason Terry
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics guard Jason Terry has been a really good player over the course of his career.  He most recently won a World Championship with the Dallas Mavericks a few years ago when they upset Lebron James and the Miami Heat.  They were clearly an inferior team talent wise but displayed extraordinary heart in winning the title.  Celtics fans had to be excited about the team acquiring him this past off-season.  They thought they were getting a legitimate scoring presence off the bench and one who would not be afraid of the big stage.

Terry has been a massive disappointment so far and he should get much more blame then he is currently getting.  Fortunately for him, the majority of the team has been pretty mediocre and it has overshadowed his pathetic play this year.  He is averaging 11 points per game, the lowest average point totally for him since, well I can’t even remember.  What happened to the guy who was good for close to 20 points a night off the bench?  Where did that guy go?  Is he still on vacation?  How is the weather in Bora Bora, Jason?

I wonder if this is Terry showing his signs of age.  If it is then I can’t blame him, I mean the guy has had a really nice career and has played for a long time.  I thought at age 34 players still have a lot left in the tank, but I guess players just age differently.  Celtics fans have to wonder if this is the reason as it does not appear to be an injury that he is suffering from.

One of the reasons the Celtics have been so mediocre thus far is the play of Terry.  He is suppose to be a leader on this team and needs to start acting like one.  The Celtics will have trouble scoring all year and Terry has to step up in that regard before it is too late.

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