New Look Los Angeles Lakers Signify Era Of Change For Organization

By Jamieson Welsh
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

For those who have followed the NBA over the years one thing has been certain; the Los Angeles Lakers have been a model organization. One of the key things the Lakers are known for is consistency.

For a team as great as the Lakers, they’ve only been to the NBA draft lottery twice and even though they are second in NBA championships, most people consider to Lakers to be the best franchise in the league’s history.

Having a large and fulfilling history like the Lakers have had, you get a lot of players and coaches that the fans have fallen in love with. Even though the Lakers have a rich history of star players its the other guys that then fans and media members fall in love with.

For instance role players like Derek Fisher and James Worthy are loved by the fan base; the same can be said about Phil Jackson as well. But there are times when organization has to move on from fan favorites for the betterment of the franchise.

Last week,  Fisher signed with the Dallas Mavericks and a lot of Lakers fans were upset because of the very small possibility the Lakers may sign him this season. Earlier this season when Mike Brown was relieved from his duties as head coach a lot of fans wanted Phil Jackson back. Even if Jackson wasn’t 100% healthy to coach all the games the fans wanted him. There comes a time when a franchise must move on and build a new history.

Fans and media people have to trust the front office to make the correct moves like they have always done in the past. Strong organizations win championships and that’s more than just have great players on the court.

People have to learn to move on and accept change. When it comes to the Lakers they always seem to do well with the changes they make and the fans need to realize that.

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