Steve Nash Isn't the End-All-Be-All For Los Angeles Lakers

By Jamieson Welsh
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni they knew the player who would benefit the most would be Steve Nash. Nash earned his two Most Valuable Player awards while playing for Coach D’Antoni. Nash has run D’Antoni’s offense the best that we have seen.

During the Lakers recent struggles, people in the media, fans, players and even Coach D’Antoni have stressed that the Lakers will be fine once Nash gets back. The whole “Nash will solve all that’s wrong with the Lakers” just isn’t true. The Lakers problems are much deeper than just their starting point guard missing.

The biggest issue for the Lakers at this moment is defense. Anyone who watches NBA basketball knows that Nash is a huge liability on defense. The biggest problems for the Lakers are transition defense and rotating on defense.

Nash maybe the worst defending point guard in the league and he certainly won’t help the Lakers on that end.

Now one thing Nash will help is the distribution of shot attempts all the players get. Nash is at his best when he is passing to get others involved in the offense. Hopefully once guys are getting more looks on offense their defensive energy picks up but there’s no guarantee that will happen.

I am fully aware that this system relies on the point guard more than any system in the league but one guy can’t fix a team with multiple flaws. Don’t get me wrong  Nash will definitely help the team when he gets back but fans can’t expect a miracle just because his return.

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