Time For Jeff Green to Get Going

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Jeff Green
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I think Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green is a pretty mediocre player and absolutely not worth the contract he signed this past off-season.  If you are going to pay a guy $9 million annually for four years, he better be a top 30 player in the league and a candidate for multiple All Star Game appearances.  Green is neither and he is stealing money from the organization.  If he was a nice guy, he would give some of it back for how poorly he has looked this season.

However, he finally had a game that impressed me Friday night in the team’s loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.  I finally saw a guy who looked remotely worth his contract.  He hit a few big three pointers and played some solid defense, especially in crunch time when the team had a chance to win.  Green has showed small glimpses of his potential and maybe, just maybe, he can string together a streak of some solid production.  The team better hope he can because they are playing him a ton of minutes right now, especially being the only true back up to Paul Pierce on the current roster.

The Celtics are pretty much stuck with Green for a while as his contract cannot be very appealing to rival teams.  He clearly has shown that he is not a starting caliber player at this stage in the game and teams are better off doing what the Toronto Raptors did recently in signing guys like Mikael Pietrus for the league minimum.  Clearly Green is a better player than Pietrus is, but Pietrus brings a far more valuable asset to the table as he can put up similar numbers to Green at such a lesser cost.

Jeff Green is an extremely frustrating player and it really is about time for him to start living up to his new contract he recently signed this past year.

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