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Winning Streak Unfamiliar Term to Boston Celtics

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The Boston Celtics currently sit at 11-9 on the season and one of the amazing parts to the year is a lack of a winning streak.  Their longest winning streak is three games.  Are you kidding?  What kind of garbage is that?  If you are going to be a winning team, you simply cannot keep alternating wins and losses.  That would equate to a .500 team.  Now I am not suggesting that the Celtics will go 41-41 because I think they are much better than that, but winning streaks are indicative of good basketball and the Celtics certainly would do themselves well in trying to go on one.  It’s pretty crazy how they can look so well on one night and the next night look like a junior varsity team.

For example, on November 7th, the Celtics defeated the Washington Wizards at home 100-94 in overtime.  The game was a huge struggle for them and they were very fortunate to come away with the victory.  You would have thought that the win would have given them great momentum, especially with a game the next day, at home, against the rival Philadelphia 76ers.  At the time, Philadelphia was near the top of the division and it was definitely a statement game for the Celtics.  With all that being said, they laid up a total no-show against the 76ers and lost 100-94.  It just doesn’t make sense to me how they can beat a team like Washington the night before, then just decide to skip the next game against a team that they will be competing against over the long haul.

The lack of a lengthy winning streak is somewhat perplexing thus far and it truly is indicative of the team’s struggles this season.  Something has to change because a .500 team would barely make the playoffs.