5 NBA Teams That Would Benefit From A Change Of Scenery

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The Benefits Of Relocating

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It’s draft day. For the NBA’s worst teams, that have failed to make the playoffs yet again, it’s a chance to find a new franchise player. It’s an opportunity for them to rejuvenate the team with a fresh college standout.

However, for the top college draft picks, winning, will become a thing of the past. The days of college championships and awards at schools like Duke, Kentucky, UCLA, and Kansas are over.

Chances are, the odds of the weighted lottery didn’t work in their favor and they’re about to be sent off to, not only a losing team but also a cold unnatural market for a basketball team. A place where it costs more to park than it does for tickets to the game.

There is a reason why players prefer to play for certain organizations to others. Many top NBA players will demand trades to cities like New York, Boston, or Los Angeles, teams in lively cities with histories. Location is very important to the success of team.

The Brooklyn Nets move from New Jersey to a much more lively, accessible and culture friendly Brooklyn. The results were the team is transformed, from a forgotten about franchise to a top team with a bright future.

Moving the Nets to Brooklyn rejuvenated the franchise. Which other teams would benefit from relocating?

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New Orleans Hornets

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The New Orleans Hornets have been rumored to be flying off to a new city for a couple of years now due to consistent struggles.

Hopefully, if they move, it's to a city that has Pelicans.

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Milwaukee Bucks

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- This one’s a shocker because most people forget that the Milwaukee Bucks actually exist.

The Bucks have been “rebuilding” since 2003, and recently, there have been some issues with television providers.

- I think I speak for everyone when I say I like my beer from Milwaukee, not my basketball.

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Orlando Magic

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are the Florida team to watch.

With Dwight Howard gone and LeBron James three hours away, the Orlando Magic have a bleak future in Orlando.

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Sacramento Kings

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

- Now that the Los Angeles Kings are a real team, the Sacramento Kings have to go. Sorry, but you’re just confusing everyone.

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Charlotte Bobcats

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Charlotte Bobcats should erase all memories associated with being the Bobcats.

Not only are the Bobcats one of the worst teams in the NBA, they're one of the worst teams in sports.

The Bobcats will always be the Tar Heels stepchild.

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