Cleveland Cavaliers Are Wasting Anderson Varejao's Super Season

By John Raffel
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Varejao continues to amaze those who watch him play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s not only the Cavaliers who are noticing.

In Saturday’s game against the Detroit Pistons, Varejao collected 16 points, a game-high 13 rebounds and five assists. But his team lost at home 104-97 to an NBA squad that is also struggling with a 7-15 record.

Pistons rookie center Andre Drummond had to admit how unique it was to play against an opponent of Varejao’s caliber.

“It’s not enough to box him out; you have to ride him out,” Drummond said. “Once you hit him once, he’s not going to stop. He is going to keep coming and you have to push him out. I’ve learned some things from playing him on how to get rebounds.”

When he was asked what he’s learned from playing against Varejao, Drummond replied “Can’t tell you that. Everybody wants to know.”
It’s ironic though, that Varejao has so many impressive numbers, yet the Cavaliers are 4-17. It just goes to show that individual stats don’t mean anything at times if the team isn’t picking up any victories.

Of course, Varejao is doing his part. He’s the leading rebounder in the league and had the 11th double-double in his last 12 games and that gives him a career-high 15 double-doubles only 20 games in the season.

He’s averaging an impressive 14.5 points and 15.2 boards.

But so what? Varejao’s Cavaliers are 4-17. He needs some of his teammates to chip in a major way. If that would happen, maybe the Cavs wouldn’t be one of the worse teams in the NBA right now.


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