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NBA Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Byron Scott Says Three Factors Will Turn His Team Around


David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott knows there’s three factors that could turn his squad from a struggling NBA team into a winner:

Stay healthy, cut down on turnovers, improve on the transition game.

It’s that simple. Or is it?

In Saturday’s 104-97 loss to the Detroit Pistons, the Cavaliers were without Kyle Irving and Dion Walters, out with injuries.

But Scott also had some complaints with his healthy players.

“Sounds like a broken record. I think our guys are competing and playing hard,” Scott said. “We just can’t afford to have some of the mistakes and breakdowns that we’re having. The 14 turnovers weren’t that bad, but when you give up 26 points off of them, that kills you. We have to do a better job of playing defense without fouling. They got to the free-throw line 33 times.”

The Cavaliers keep struggling offensively but aren’t getting the job done defensively.

“The defense was better, but we just have to do a better job of completing (the game). Rebounding, I thought we did a pretty good job. It’s just little areas right now that we’ve got to continue to concentrate on,” Scott said.

Scott want to keep turnovers down to 14 per game.

“Giving up 16 points in transition and 26 points off of your turnovers, those are just things that are so hard to overcome,” he said. “Like I said the other day, you almost have to play near perfect. We’re going to make mistakes on both ends of the floor, but again, our guys are competing. They’re playing hard and that’s all I can ask for.”