Detroit Pistons Prosper From Energetic Jason Maxiell

By John Raffel
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The energy that Jason Maxiell gives the Detroit Pistons on the court can be downright impressive at times.

In the team’s 104-97 NBA road victory on Saturday over the Cleveland Cavaliers, Maxiell had 10 points and four rebounds in 30 minutes of action.

“The game really changed with six minutes to go in the third quarter,” said Pistons coach Lawrence Frank. “From that point on, we went on a 46 to 33 run. We bent but we didn’t break.”

But when it came to selecting one player who got the job done, Frank didn’t hesitate.

“We needed some of those momentum-changing plays,” he said. “I didn’t like our energy and we needed some spark. As long as our hearts kept beating, I knew we would give ourselves a chance. Max (Maxiell) was good for that. Max gave us real good energy. ”

Cleveland coach Byron Scott likewise was impressed with how Maxiell and his teammates, including Andre Drummond, got the job done.

“I thought they were pretty aggressive. Some of the fouls we got, we were just out of position,” he said. “For the most part, I think they were aggressive going towards the basket. Some of the fouls we committed on purpose.

Andre Drummond caught it down low a few times and I told our guys about eight times that if he catches it in the paint like that, you have to foul him; make him go to the free throw line. I think we did that once or twice out of the six or seven times that we had the opportunity to foul him.”


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