Lance Blanks criticized by former Phoenix Sun Cedric Cellabos

By David Charnley
Cedric Ceballos
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Former Phoenix Suns forward Cedric Ceballos took a shot at General manager Lance Blanks after their latest defeat, their seventh in succession.

Sunday night’s 98-90 defeat to the Orlando Magic means the Suns have the third worst record in the Western Conference and stand at 7-15.

The Suns have suffered with fluidity, losing their star man Steve Nash and the failure to replace him with the next star man in Phoenix.

Nine new faces were introduced during the summer and the likes of Michael Beasley have not yet to get going. Fans at the US Airways center have not been impressed with what they are seeing this season and simply not turning up to games, which prompted the marketing section to come with a money back system if fans didn’t have fun during the game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Ceballos tweeted “ If u were a BAD player (bad meaning, can’t play) u will never b a good GM #nuffced.”

This could have been directed at one of three men, the owner Robert Sarver, Lon Babby the President of Basketball Operations, or Banks himself as all three men have had a role in the decision making process.

Blanks is the likely target as Sarver and Babby have never played in the NBA. From 1991-1993, Blanks, a former first-round draft pick, played in parts of three seasons with the Detroit Pistons and Minnesota Timberwolves, averaging 2.0 points and 7.2 minutes per game for his career.

Ceballos says that Blanks’s time in the Phoenix front office is as unsuccessful as his time as a player. Since his arrival in 2010, the Suns have failed to reach the playoffs on two occasions, with a combined total of 80-90.  They have lost star names such as Nash and Grant Hill and replaced with the likes of Vince Carter and Beasley.

All though you can’t argue with records and stats, there have been the performances of Goran Dragic and Marcin Gortat which have been positives for the Suns this season, mixed in with their ability to remarkably come back in matches, all though be it getting into losing situations in the first place, there are hints that the Suns can turn around their season.

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