Washington Wizards Need A Breath Of Fresh Air

By Thomas Jones
Rafael Suanes – US Presswire

Time to call it like it is, the Washington Wizards should tell us that they don’t expect John Wall to be available for the rest of the season. At the very least admit that he was always expected to miss a substantial amount of time. I am tired of looking at the silver lining in a very dark cloud. If we are going to look big picture, I prefer IMAX.

We are moving past the 6 week mark in the 2012-13 NBA season and the franchise player for the Wizards isn’t even cleared to practice. Wall isn’t even cleared to jump. The stress injury in Wall’s knee has crippled the “new” look Wizards for this season and it’s time that the team admitted and moved on. Don’t keep the already dwindling fan base hanging on to the hope that you can still turnaround a season speeding rapidly down the wrong street. Injuries are piling up, losses are piling up, I can only imagine the confidence of those players left to burden the frustration of working for an incompetent front office.

Owner Ted Leonsis comes across as a smart business man. He has to know that change can’t wait till the off season for the sake of his franchise. When I say change, I’m talking front office change. The immediate and long term future of his team depends on it. What free agents would consider coming to a franchise that gets it wrong ever year? What former number one pick would want to resign with a club that he has seen make bad decision after bad decision after bad decision?

It’s time to relieve Ernie Grunfeld of his duties and really start fresh. No time is better than the present.

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