A Letter to Calm Panic of Los Angeles Lakers Fans

By Jamieson Welsh
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the great Los Angeles Lakers franchise have to be reasonable and be able to accept the good with the bad. At the moment there is a lot of adjustment going on from players, coaches and even the philosophy of the team. With everything taking place fans must practice patience.

I understand that most of the folks reading this have seen at least five championship parades at minimum, but all of those titles have come with some sort of struggle or adversity along the way.

With all that is going on, people that love and follow the team must chill out and relax. Going crazy on social networks and at bars isn’t going to solve the problems. Everyone who follows the NBA knows that it is an 82 game season, plus the playoffs. There are no awards on who plays the best in December.

Like most productive franchises, we as Lakers fans have been spoiled for a very longtime. We have seen star after star play for the organization and have seen championships along the way. There has to be some humility among the fans. You can’t act crazy or angry after the team loses a game in December.

Expectations in Los Angeles are championship or bust, but the fans have to realize getting upset over early games means nothing to the grand scheme of everything. Also fans must realize and consider that the team is missing two key starters and are playing their fourth string point guard. There’s not a team in the NBA that can survive that kind of loss and still be clicking on all cylinders.

After every loss I see fans going crazy on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of fans are only fans during the winning times and don’t understand the game fully. For those that know basketball, get the concept of teamwork and chemistry win basketball games not big names and past reputations.

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