Cleveland Cavaliers Set To Have A Great Week, Or Maybe Another Terrible Week

By Nick Claussen
Daniel Shirey – USA TODAY Sports

This could be a big week for the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Or, it could be another depressing week for the Cavaliers, sigh. I don’t know.

The Cavaliers currently stand at just 4-16, but they have not yet been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. They have, however, been mathematically eliminated from anyone taking them seriously.

This week, though, the Cavaliers could start to build some momentum!

Or, they could fall deeper in the abyss, sigh.

I’m trying to get behind the Wine and Gold, but it’s tough. Every time I have gotten excited about them this year, they’ve played worse than a Lindsey Lohan movie.

Cleveland fans do have a few good reasons to watch the Cavaliers this week, though, and the biggest is that star point guard Kyrie Irving is expected to return to action Tuesday night. Irving has only played in 10 games this year, and the team obviously missed him while he was out. Last season’s Rookie of the Year, Irving is a dynamic scorer and player, and he makes the games much more fun. Irving’s return should improve the rotation, and his play should help all of his teammates.

On Tuesday night, the Cavaliers will welcome the Los Angeles Lakers to Cleveland. The Cavaliers have actually played pretty well against the Lakers in recent years, and Tuesday night could continue that trend. The Lakers have struggled so far this year, and this could be a great game for the well-rested Cavaliers to steal.

And as a bonus, the game will give fans the opportunity to remember the Antawn Jamison era of Cleveland basketball! Ok, those years were mainly depressing, but Jamison does seem like a good guy even if he is not a great player. It will be interesting to see how he plays for the Lakers on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the Cavaliers go on the road to take on the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers have also had a rough start to the season, caused partially by the team’s inability to place the basketball inside the basket. If the Cavaliers can put up some points and at least keep up with the Pacers pace, this could be a win for the Wine and Gold.

On Friday, the Cavaliers return home to take on the Milwaukee Bucks. The Cavaliers should have won in Milwaukee earlier in the year, but the Bucks stole the game with a Brandon Jennings shot at the buzzer that should not have counted. The Cavaliers should match up well against the Bucks and have a chance to pick up a win.

And on Saturday, the Cavaliers travel to Madison Square Garden to take on the New York Knicks!

Ok, the Cavaliers will probably lose this one, but who knows, maybe they can take down the Knicks! Or maybe they will lose by 30. I don’t know.

I do know that the Cavaliers have a great chance to go 3-1 in the next four games, or even 2-2. With Irving back in the lineup, they have a perfect opportunity to play better and get fans excited about this team!

Or, maybe they will have a terrible week and get fans excited about next year’s draft lottery, sigh.


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