Could Bill Self Be Coaxed Into Coaching Washington Wizards?

By Andy Schmidt
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Self has been a great coach for the Kansas Jayhawks for the last number of years but with all the success he has had in several college basketball stops, could Self be persuaded to leave Kansas for a job in the National Basketball Association? Could Self make a move east if given the opportunity to coach the Washington Wizards? The Wizards have been a terrible team the last few years and started very slowly again this season with a 2-15 record coming into Tuesday’s play.

Self has shown that he can motivate young players and with all the youth on the Washington roster including John Wall and Bradley Beal, it would basically be like a college team of players with several still at the age where they would be in school. It would be a leap of faith for Self to make the jump into the NBA as many high-profile college coaches have tried and failed with the experience. I do think that Self is different though and would thrive with the right team.

I’m not sure if the Wizards would think the same way I am on this but fans don’t usually sit idle when their team is losing night in and night out. It is an outside the box move in a league that doesn’t get many college coaches that work out and where assistant coaches end up with the head coaching jobs almost all the time. Washington should really think about this though as another high draft pick is likely on the way and Self could mold himself a very good young team.

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