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Iman Shumpert Records the “Knicks Anthem”

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks has written and recorded a rap song about his team. Shumpert is an aspiring rapper off the court, and mentions each of his teammates in the the song, called “Knicks Anthem.”

Shumpert used the beat of “Clique,” by KanYe West (Feat. Big Sean and Jay Z), to record “Knicks Anthem.” Some of my favorite lines of the 1.5 minute freestyle are:

“Yea I’m talkin’ Melo’, yea I’m talkin’ Tyson/and that’s a gold medal, A’mare he gonna spike it.”

“I got Novak in the corner, Mob Deepin’ when he bust it/JR Swish be swishin’, he just steppin’ back and put it up.”

Shumpert is definitely a legitimately good rapper, and doesn’t even use any curse words, which are usually sprinkled after every other word in today’s popular raps.

Shumpert, with his high-top fade haircut and rapping, has given the Knicks quite an image. He uses the hash tag “#post90’s” on his twitter account, and reminds me of the days when the Knicks were on the most popular teams in the NBA because of their hustle and grit and appeal to the inner city.

All of the players seem to love the second year man out of Georgia Tech, who is recovering from a torn ACL in the first round of the 2011-12 playoffs. When he returns to the court and joins those teammates that he raps about, the Knicks will easily have the best bench in the NBA.

However, until then, let’s hope that Shumpert continues to put out songs about the Knickerbockers. Could the Knicks ask for a more perfect warm up song than this? :

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