Recent Schedule Not Helping Struggling Charlotte Bobcats

By Cody Williams
Kemba Walker Charlotte Bobcats
Benny Sieu – USA Today Sports Images

It’s no secret that the Charlotte Bobcats have been struggling lately. They began the season with a surprising 7-5 record, but now they have lost their last eight games. With this return to the pattern of last year’s 7-59 season, Charlotte has had many issues. However, one that is being overlooked is the strength of their opponents during this recent losing streak.

All but one of the last eight teams they have played has a record above .500. The one team below .500 that they played in this stretch was the Portland Trail Blazers, whom the Bobcats lost to in a game that went into double-overtime after squandering an 18-point lead.

Even more telling of the strength of their recent opponents.  The Trail Blazers and the Philadelphia 76ers are the only two teams that aren’t in the top-two of their divisions. Charlotte has been up against contender after contender.

That type of schedule is a tough test for almost any team in the NBA. However, when you consider the youth and the inexperience of this Bobcats team, it becomes even more difficult. Charlotte is a team that is still growing and struggling to find an identity, something that most of their opponents have already found.

In this stretch they’ve met teams like the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder and Atlanta Hawks. One of the main things that sets these teams apart from the Bobcats, besides their winning record, is that they are all laden with veterans who are accustomed to winning with these squads.

I’ve heard for years that one of the most important elements for teams to win in the Association is to have an established identity. A team has to know who they are to be successful. The Bobcats feature a lineup that is full of young players that are still working to mesh together. When you put them up against teams that are well aware who they are, they are most likely to struggle.

The Bobcats next couple of games don’t get any easier. Next on the schedule for Charlotte is the Los Angeles Clippers and the Hawks once again, both teams that can say they know who they are. It’s safe to say that the Bobcats will most likely struggle to find a victory in both of these contests.

Their schedule has been difficult as of late and that’s not making wins easy to come by for the Bobcats. However, even when their schedule does start to ease up a little, Charlotte needs to observe the teams they have been losing to of late and see what helps make them successful. They need to find who they are as a basketball team to start getting wins, no matter who their opponents are.

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