Welcome To The Jordan Crawford Show

By Thomas Jones
Geoff Burke – US Presswire

Today the Washington Wizards announced that instead of signing another player to fill the void of losing A.J. Price to injury, they will instead hand the team over to Jordan Crawford.

Let me get this right.

Instead of bringing in another guard, point guard preferably, the team will take it’s leading scorer and 6th man and make him responsible for getting the offense rolling for the entire team. Wizard’s logic at its finest here. I do take into account we are dealing with a proven incompetent franchise here but some things should just be, well…common sense.

Who am I kidding here? The Wizards don’t do much that make sense. Your star player/future of your organization is down for God only knows how long. Your second best player, Nene Hilario, is playing on a bad foot seeing limited minutes. Your top five pick draft pick is having an up and down year, part of being a rookie on a bad team. As soon as one of the pieces the Wizards traded away it’s salary cap space for started performing well, he goes down with an injury. The other, doesn’t even see 4th quarter minutes some nights.

So the team is now belongs to Crawford for the time being. He has the talent. The problem is, he spends too much time getting his own shot off that it seems as if he sometimes forgets the four other guys on the court wearing the same colored jersey. The only thing positive that can come out of this move if it is the long term solution until John Wall is cleared or Price returns, Crawford learns shot selection. I can see this thing easily going the other way, quickly.

It’s only so much time the Wizards can pretend that glue and string can hold a building a together.

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