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Charlotte Bobcats Slowly Improving

Paul Abell – US Presswire

Nobody seems to be talking about the Charlotte Bobcats this year. I look at that as a good thing. Last year the Bobcats were the laughing stock of the NBA and probably professional sports. Any time your team finishes the season with an all time low winning percentage that will probably be tough to break, you deserve to be ridiculed. Michael Jordan, arguably the games greatest player, was criticized by sports commentators and even friends. Jordan did something no one thought he would do, hired a person outside of his circle of familiarity.

Rich Cho was brought on to be General Manager of the Bobcats and was asked to lead the charge in the turnaround. I was skeptical on their hire for head coach with all of the names that interviewed for the job but it turns out they may have hired the right man for job. Mike Dunlap has spent most of his time in the collegiate ranks but brings development to a franchise in dire need. This hire also marks the second man brought in to the Bobcat organization that Jordan was unfamiliar with.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was drafted 2nd overall by the Bobcats and he provides that will-to-win that every team needs. He isn’t that polished on the offensive end, but you don’t have to question if he leaves it all out on the floor on a nightly basis. The development of Kidd-Gilchrist and last year’s picks, Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo are going to be critical to the eventual success of the Bobcats.

The picks from the last two years with the addition of Cho and Dunlap should be the foundation for which the Bobcats build upon. They still have a long way to go but I believe they are finally on the track after last years debacle. We all pray, for the sake of the Bobcats, that Jordan continues to play in the background and allow his new GM to do what he was hired to do. Adam Morrison and Kwame Brown would agree.