Dallas Mavericks Know Jason Terry Will Have Something To Prove

By Derek Ayala
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is the first match-up of the season between the Dallas Mavericks and the Boston Celtics. The game is in Boston tonight and Mavs fans will see a familiar face. The man that fans call the “Jet,” Jason Terry, will face the Mavericks in a different uniform for the first time since March 17, 2004, when he was with the Atlanta Hawks.

Terry spent eight years with Dallas where he won his and the franchise’s first NBA championship. Tonight may be a special night for Terry as I am sure that he is going to want some taste of vengeance since Dallas never even made an offer this past off-season when he became a free agent.

Terry has already said that this is just another game and that Dallas just happens to be the next opponent. That is not Terry. One thing that I learned during the eight years he was in Dallas is that everything that he says is trash talk.

This is indeed one of the match-ups that Terry has marked on his calendar, no question about it. He may not admit it out lout, but knowing him, he is ready for tonight’s game.

However, this is the first match-up between the two teams and this is the game that Mavericks fans will have to watch it from their couch since tonight they are in Boston. Nevertheless, Mavs fans sure are ready to see what the “Jet” has in store for them tonight. He is going to want to show his former team that they made a mistake in not re-signing him this past summer.

The Mavericks also have something to prove tonight. They are currently riding a three-game winning streak and keeping that rolling with a victory tonight on the road will bring more motivation to the team, especially since they have not been a very good road them, thus far.

The Mavericks are currently 4-7 on the road. One guy who needs to be the one that shows Terry and the Mavs fans that the team did right by not bringing back “Jet” is O.J. Mayo.

Mayo was brought in as a free agent to replace Terry and so far he has proven to live up to high expectation. From my point of view, he has already surpassed anything Terry ever brought to the team.

Currently, Mayo is averaging 20.8 points a game and is among the best three-point shooters in the league at 53% from behind the arc and 48.7% in field goal shooting. He has shown that he is a clutch performer and that he came to Dallas for one thing: to win.

Mayo has kept the Mavs around the .500 mark and they are a game above that, for now. For the Mavs to win tonight, Mayo will have to have an All-Star performance.

Either way, tonight will be the game that every MFFL (Mavs Fans For Life) will be watching. Did the Mavs make the right move or will Terry prove to Dallas that they made a mistake?

Tonight may not prove who was right if Boston wins. However, if Mayo completely outscores Terry and the Mavericks win, then he’ll prove that the right decision was made over the summer by Dallas.

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