Kevin Love Needs To Keep His Mouth Shut About Minnesota Timberwolves Brass

By Brad Berreman
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports


The Minnesota Timberwolves should have plenty of positive vibes going with the looming return of point guard Ricky Rubio from the significant knee injury he suffered in March, but All-Star forward Kevin Love has put a damper on that.

In a recently published interview with Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Love criticized Timberwolves’ owner Glen Taylor for saying he wasn’t a star, and president of basketball operations David Kahn for his lack of a “plan” due to the continual turnover the team’s roster has had in recent years.

Love also cited skepticism within the organization about how he broke his right hand just prior to the season. He said he suffered the injury while doing knuckle pushups, and anyone who has done a set of knuckle pushups can attest that it seems like a viable way for Love to have broken a bone in his hand. Kahn and Taylor do deserve some derision if there where whispers of doubt over the injury.

Kahn deserves plenty of criticism for failed draft picks and other poor personnel decisions, but this is not the first time Love has spoken publicly about his dissatisfaction with the Timberwolves’ organization. He clearly still holds it against Kahn and Taylor that he did not get a max contract (five years, $80 million) prior to signing a four-year, $62 million extension in January.

The deal has a player option for the final year, so it is essentially a three-year deal if Love chooses to test the free agent waters after the 2014-2015 season. Which is exactly what he seems prepared to do, perhaps returning close to where he played in college by signing with the Los Angeles Lakers.

I frankly am sick of hearing Love speak about his issues, even though some of his grievances may be warranted given the team’s recent track record on and off the court. It feels like he thinks he did everyone in the Timberwolves’ organization a favor by taking less than a max contract when he could have gone elsewhere after last season. Creating a distraction at this point in time is not what a team leader does, so I am also disappointed Love talked when he did even though he can’t control when something goes public.

If Love is that unhappy playing for the Timberwolves, I for one will not miss him when he inevitably leaves town in a couple years. Assuming part of Kahn’s “plan” does not include trading him at some point before then if he continues to be disgruntled and say so publicly.

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