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Los Angeles Lakers Uninspiring in Latest Defeat

Los Angeles Lakers

David Richard-US Presswire

Los Angeles Lakers continue to disappoint their fans, this time with defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since Mike D’Antoni has taken over, the Lakers have lost seven out of the last 11 games, losing their last three and five out of their last six, with the latest defeat coming in a 100-94 defeat against the Cavs.

All around the NBA the belief that the Lakers will improve is shared and thoughts that the playoffs won’t be made are absurd, but how much further can the Lakers fall, we must hope that this is rock bottom.

The “Lakeshow” are now 9-13, but have the fortunate knowledge that star men are yet to return, but how much further can that excuse be made.

The longer the likes of Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Pau Gasol are out, further proof is made that the side is so heavily dependent on all-star Kobe Bryant.

We are seeing the Lakers continue to lose against sides which the likes of Kobe and Dwight Howard should not be losing to, the Cavs, Orlando Magic, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trailblazers and twice against the Utah Jazz.

The latest defeat saw yet another disappointing performance, except for Kobe who once again scored 40+points.

Once again an all too familiar story is the defense  or lack of defense  The Lakers gave up far too many uncontested layups and points in the paint. The likes of Jodie Meeks proved uninspiring in defense and the lack of effort seems to be the most noticeable reason for the lack of wins.

Once again Kobe did all he could, but his 42 points unfortunately went un- noticed once again as the Lakers failed to win.

A lot has been made about D’Antoni’s failure for a good defense but, there is a time when individuals need to take accountability for their own efforts and bust a gut when it matters.

In comparison to the Lakers lack of effort last night, Cavaliers Kyrie Irving epitomized everything that the Lakers are currently lacking. How the Lakers wish they had someone apart from Kobe who has the same desire shown by Irving last night.

The Lakers go four games under .500 for the first time in 10 years and must eradicate defeats to, no disrespect teams like the Cavaliers and the Jazz.


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