Philadelphia 76ers' Evan Turner Confident Team Can Contend for Title

By John Raffel
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season isn’t quite two months old yet, and it might be premature to draw some lasting conclusions.

But for the Philadelphia 76ers, forward Evan Turner is basically convinced his team is on its way to being among the elite squads in the NBA.

He’s probably right.

In a 104-97 win over the Detroit Pistons earlier this week, Turner scored 18 points. His buddy Jrue Holiday added 25.

“I felt, you know, obviously Jrue and myself would be successful,” Turner said. “When we play like, this I’m sure we have a great chance at being good and winning games, and obviously tonight we did that. You know, they shot 33 free throws and stuff.”

What makes players like Turner and Holiday so successful is that knack of instantly forgetting having made a bad play. Even in the NBA, a player can dwell on a turnover, missed shot, or whatever, and let that impact them for the next play. Turner is incredibly successful in shaking off those situations.

“Man, in this situation now when you have so much responsibility on you, it’s like sink or swim,” Turner said. “I think we kind of saw it last year in the playoffs where Jrue and myself stepped up. It’s just sink or swim, and if the play is run for you, you’ve got to make the shot. Sometimes you just black out and don’t even think about it.”

Turner is rightfully convinced that if Spencer Hawes can keep playing like he did last year when he was healthy, the Sixers will be in good shape for quite awhile.

“You know, making shots always helps, so make the first couple,” Turner said. “I think one thing, he had a short memory in regards to when he missed a few. He still shot it, and he’s aggressive.”

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