Derrick Rose Continues To Talk About Injury And Team

By Brendon Fitzsimons
Dennis Wierzbicki- USA TODAY Sports

It seems that since his injury to his knee last April Derrick Rose has remained pretty quiet about his recovery. Yes he has made several short videos documenting his return, yes he has starred in ads that advertise his new shoes, and yes he has been featured on issues of GQ magazine and such since he went down in the Playoffs. But through it all it seems that the modest superstar has remained pretty uptight about how he his recovering.

That changed when the Chicago Bull’s superstar opened up to reporters last Sunday at a holiday party held in the Bull’s practice arena. He not only gave a little insight on his rehab process but also on how he feels his team is doing so far without him.

When asked about the team’s progress, Rose responded saying that,

“They’re playing good basketball, man. We’re learning how to close games towards the end, making smart plays, playing with each other and moving the ball. That’s something we’ve been great at doing.”

With this said he then when on to talk about his knee and how his process of recovery is going saying that,

“I’m feeling good right now. Rehab is going good, I’m working out six times a week and I’m trying to get back on the court as quick as possible. I’m being patient and taking my time, but everything is going good.”

All good signs for Chicago’s brightest star. But before we get ahead of ourselves let’s remember that Rose is not ready to return. Yes rumors have surfaced about his return by Christmas but they are unrealistic. His rehab is going well, he is running, sprinting and even dunking with his teammates. But he is not on a floor with nine other bodies. He doesn’t have to weave in and out of defenders and he isn’t taking contact like he normally would if he were playing. Until his body can handle things like this his return will not be determinable.

Rose will return and when he does the league better watch out because he will be a new type of player with a new arsenal of attack. But this is when he returns. Until then Chicago has to continue to put their faith in the likes of Nate Robinson, Marco Belinelli and Kirk Hinrich. 

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