Emotions Beginning To Boil Over For Los Angeles Lakers

By Jamieson Welsh
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers lost a game to the Cleveland Cavaliers who had only won four games this season. The Lakers brought another lackluster effort on the court and paid severely with it.

Up until this game the players on the Lakers have been very nonchalant about their effort and the outcome of the games that have taken place. We have heard the excuses like “wait until Steve Nash gets back,” or “we will figure it out.” Those sayings only last for so long and they get old after a few loses and this team needed to get angry and find some sense of urgency.

After the game on Tuesday, both Kobe Bryant and coach Mike D’Antoni were visibly frustrated with the how the game took place and the results that came about. Kobe, who usually doesn’t curse in the post-game conference, dropped several expletives and looked frustrated. Coach D’Antoni, who is known for being a mild mannered guy, went off on Los Angeles Times columnist TJ Simers.

All of this has led to Bryant having a 50 minute interview with ESPN’s Stephen A Smith about the Lakers struggles and what is going to take place. All in all this isn’t what you want to be going through during the season.

While I’m watching all this take place the thing that comes to mind is that their tired of embarrassing themselves. The Lakers have too much talent and too much pride to be 9-13. They know that they have to find a sense of urgency or else this season will be a waste. The days of just showing up and playing with 75% effort and energy aren’t going to cut it if they want to succeed this season.

I’m glad to see the players and head coach finally show some fire and concern of what has transpired this season. We have to see if this team will back up their frustration or continue to disappoint. Fans can only hope for the best at the moment but the Lakers share the similar pain as you do.

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