John Hollinger To Join Memphis Grizzlies Front Office

By Riley Schmitt
JF Mango

John Hollinger is well known in basketball circles due to his famous PER stat. That being said, it looks like Hollinger is going to be taking his work to a new area. It appears that the Memphis Grizzlies have hired Hollinger as a member of their front office.

Believe it or not, this is starting to become a growing trend.  You are beginning to see more and more writers get hired by teams in order to give them a boost.  Hollinger’s breakdowns will certainly help the Grizzlies figure out what players to add and at what cost.  It will be a loss to fans but the team will benefit in the long run.

Do not be surprised if moves like this start happening a lot more.  Writers may not have played the game but they do have ample time to break down samples and look at trends.  This type of resource is invaluable in a league that is very balanced.  Anything that can help improve a team while not spending a ton of resources is a smart thing.  A guy like Hollinger can make a big impact in short amount of time.

I know that a lot of basketball fans are going to be upset about this but this is a good thing in the long run.  Although I will miss his writing, I am happy to see writers continue to get chances to help teams improve.


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