Mark Jackson Called Dwyane Wade The Third Best Shooting Guard Ever

By Aime Mukendi
Us Presswire-Gary A. Vasquez

Mark Jackson called Dwyane Wade the third best shooting guard ever after he coached the Golden State Warriors to a win against the Miami Heat in the Warriors’ fifth straight road win.

“He’s a guy I love as a basketball fan,” Jackson said. “To me, he’s the third-best shooting guard to play the game. People think I’m crazy for saying that. And there’s no disrespect to anybody else. The guy is a winner, he competes, he’s an underrated passer, and we all know he can score the basketball.” Jackson added that he has “Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant first and second.”

Wade has averaged 25 points per game, just over six assists per game, five rebounds per game, one block and almost two steals per game while shooting under 49 percent from the field for his NBA career.  Wade was the 2006 NBA Finals MVP, won an Olympic gold medal in 2008, and is an eight time NBA All-Star. Wade is averaging just under 20 points per game, just over four rebounds per game and less than four assists per game in 17 games this season. Wade has battled injuries throughout his career and has never played in all 82 games of a season in his 10 year career.

Maybe Jackson was unaware of these statistics or maybe he didn’t see the way Wade struggled throughout the 2012 playoffs. He is right on the money when naming the top two shooting guards of all-time but did he forget about Jerry West? West averaged 27 points per game, just under seven assists per game and just under six rebounds per game in his 13 seasons. He is the logo, he earned the nickname “Mr. Clutch” and if there was a three point line when he played he might have more championships and points.

Wade is of the Jordan and Bryant mold, but he is already declining at age 30. In the season following West’s 30th birthday he averaged 25.9 points per game while Wade isn’t even averaging 20 points per game this season after turning 30 years old in January.

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